The combined management of JC Trucking has over 100 years of experience in Commodity Management, from  Warehousing and Product Selection to delivery. 

Our main office is located in the Center of
California with  major access to Waterways, Rail, Air,
Highways and Interstates.  Due to our experience, geographical location and with the exception of climate controlled needs, we can warehouse from millions of square feet to a single pallet of storage.  

Feel free to contact us with your warehousing needs so we can help fill those needs with  the best   available service at the best available price.



There is virtually no limit to the type of equipment or special needs that might be required for warehousing that JC Trucking cannot fulfill.

We have or are warehousing commodities such as Wine, Bulk Liquids (55
gal & 500 gal),  Furniture, Grocery/Food Products, Paper, Pipe/Steel, Wood Products, Lead and Batteries, just to name a few.  Additionally,  with our hazardous materials license, we are fully experienced and capable of managing those types of commodities as well.

Although there have been times in the past that we have needed specialized equipment for warehousing, we currently own a substantial amount that we are already employing;
   1) Small Radius Forklifts for Rail Car unloading
   2) SlipSheet Forklifts
   3) Electric Jacks
   4) 10 and 20,000 lb lifts
   5) Warehouse Racking
   6) Conveying systems and more.

The current level of service we are or have provided is;
   1) Full Service Per Square Foot Warehousing; (reserved for high
       volume 100,000 square foot or greater)
   2) Reloading/Transloading of Commodities
   3) Product Recouping/Repackaging
   4) Offload/SetDown/Storage and Pull Service.
   5) Specialized Equipment Handling & Storage and more.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or for a Service Rate Quote.