Mark Schnabel
(209) 466-3282 ext. 14
Mark Schnabel  began his career in transportation in 1978, when he began his employment with JC Trucking as a delivery driver.  By 1984,
he shifted gears to management and was offered a position as Dispatcher for JC Trucking.  His skills and relationship with the owners, assisted him in joining John Çervantes and Jess Cervantes Jr in forming
a general partnership named JMJ Trucking.  JMJ Trucking was designed to assist and compliment its parent company JC Trucking Company and upon completing its mission, JMJ was dissolved by 1990. In 2000, Mark Shcnabel and John Cervantes joined forces again to purchase
JC Trucking Co., currently Mark has 29 years in the Transportation Industry and is President of JC Trucking Co. Inc.

John J. (a.k.a. J.J.) Cervantes
CA B.I.T. & Safety Inspector
(209) 466-3282 ext. 15


Pam Cervantes
Accounts Payables
(209) 466-3282 ext. 10


Cynthia (a.k.a Cindy) A. Jaynes
Accounts Receivables
(209) 466-3282 ext. 0



John Cervantes
Owner/Chief Financial Officer
(209) 466-3282 ext. 15
John Cervantes began his career in transportation in 1976 at the age of 23 when his father founded JC Trucking.  With Johns help, 
JC Trucking grew 500 fold within 5 years.  Johns experience has covered all areas of the transportation industry from Driving to Operations Manager.  In his 31 plus years in the industry John
has not only kept his fathers company alive and well, he  has also assisted in forming nearly a dozen other business'.  In 2000 John partnered with Mark Schnabel to  purchase 100% of JC Trucking. Today, as the Chief Financial Officer for JC Trucking, John
continues to bring to the Industry "Pride of Craftsmanship" and
"Customer Service" at every turn.


John (a.k.a Juan) Lopez
Maintenance Supervisor
(209) 466-3282 ext. 15


Romiro Marroquin
Warehouse Supervisor
(209) 466-3282 ext. 15


William (a.k.a. Bill) A. Thiry
Sales & Marketing/Dispatch
(209)466-3282 ext. 15