With over 31 years in business and the combined management experience of over 100 years, JC Trucking has managed transportation from warehousing to delivering, delivering from the west coat to the east coast.  JC Trucking has managed from Domestic to Overseas freight, all of which can be put to work for you.

Throughout the years, JC Trucking has not only mastered the handling of specialized delivery needs, but, we also maintain a high-technology operations schedule.  We employ full-time database and network specialists and computer hardware specialists.  Barcoding, Wifi data collection units and mobile data connection units are just a few of the technology devices that we have and can employ for you.

Your products, your customers. We understand and respect the fact that your success is our success!  By putting JC Trucking to work for you, you can draw upon all of our years of experience! 

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In addition to all of JC Truckings current "Direct Service Capability", we have established consortium level relationships with several companies that service Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, Central United States and Eastern United States. Hazardous materials, general commodities and specialized handling, TL and LTL are areas of our expertise.

Even if you only require assistance with a single or a few shipments, JC Trucking can help. Providing you with a quote that provide you with the best affordable solution at the best available service. We are just a phone call away from  helping you budget and plan your delivery needs.

We have found that our flexibility in pricing and service has been a valuable asset to our clients. With our Regional Logistic Program, JC Trucking  can help you focus on serving areas that are normally very difficult to service and manage.  Regional Logistics can allow you to have a single company manage all of those regional needs, one company to deal with, one company to offer all of your legal transportation needs, one company between you and your customer.

With our Partnership Logistics Program, we work for you.  We manage and report on all aspects of your Transportation needs.  Every inbound, every outbound service is managed by us. We coordinate all the necessary licenses, insurances and qualifications on all delivery service providers not handled by us directly. Offsite and/or onsite transportation staff is provided by us, along with all delivery reports and customer service needs, allowing you to focus on producing and selling your products.

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